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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: July 29, 2012 13:36 Back Next

Video resolution and aspect.

On i have always strived to maintain a healthy community, there by allowing fan made content growing on the site. This allowing for some rather unconvenient aspect ratioand pixel ratio between my library of videos. Some go as low as 240p and with unstable framerate. And some will give you an output of 1080p with steady 30 frames.

It will of course be dependant of your broadband speed.

Image resolution and aspect.

Images on varies dependant on where it comes from and how it has translated on the internet. I will most commonly re-size jpeg images that will be used as backgrounds to 1024x768, so it wont take a lot of space and hinder users with low-speed connections. As far as screenshots go they can be far bigger in both aspect ratio and memory size, same with my own Mojo world images. HD images taken most commonly from games will be huge aswell.

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