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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: July 29, 2012 13:36 Back Next

Partner up!

Do you have a website or a youtube account? Great first step finished already. With your website or youtube account you could become part of . What's the catch?

No catch, my intention is to build and create the most ritch and intense website with content that varies from all ages to all genres. And it's not an easy task. It's kinda being a Jack of all trade but actually selling things worth something.

So what now? You have a youtube account/website...

You need to email me with the details about what you want share with my visitors, and give me alink of your page and atleast one piece of the shared content that i can review. Other then that you will get more information once the review is done.

Request and changes that could prevent other future partnerships to be competitive on the site is not allowed. But if you have any meaningfull site change feedback partners have a first say in that from the moment they sign up.

The last thing everyone should think about when signing up is always use your main email, or atleast an email that you have access to, i will connect all the email addresses if they checkes out to formal partner program and send updates.

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