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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: July 29, 2012 13:36 Back Next

I want to take my content down.

You may take any content down that was previously uploaded, from this point you may want to contact me and submit some information, I will need date and preferably time as well. If you have anything attached to the Video or Image file name, email address, Homepage address please let me know. Other then that you obviously have to include the "url for the video" just so there wont be any confusion between us.

Is there some other way?

Right now, i would say no... But if you feel like something that you have done and worked hard on should not be here? Just follow the guide above and it should be down within days.

Pro Tip

before you upload your music video or fan-made image be sure to tag it! You could insert a small text somewhere with your name, or make an intro/ending with both name and email address! That way the visitors viewing your music videos may contact you and admire your work and will pass it by with the concurrent name.

Is it possible to change a submission?

Yes, actually it is and you may change a submission how many times you want! Just send me the new fresh and updated file via my upload page. But be sure you also send me an email telling me that you have updated your music video. And remember to name the file exactly like the first and if it contains any other aspects write them down in the email as well. If you already have a video on and decide to upload a new copy without sending an email i will assume everything is in place, and replace the file...

Pro tips

When you are going to change a submission name it exactly as before,but if you do it with an underline and a simple description. Example (Name of your file_ New)... it could speed up the process for me to find your file!
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