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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: July 29, 2012 13:36 Back Next

Current file extensions and more. only support a handful of the most popular extensions on the market. And some odd, if you see this message while you try to upload your file

One or more files failed to upload. The reasons returned are: Bad file type : nfo

As you can see my web site does not support nfo type files. So what does it support exactly hmm? Well let me tell you by showing you the most common file extensions.

The Extensions...

Image files

The first list of extension we are looking at is image files, sinse you very much like to upload a image on my web site? There is no need to grovel in despair here is a run down for every picture ext...

What's the difference? "Quality" and GIF is tended to be suited for animated files while JPEG is alot wiser choice for a wallpaper or just a background image. PNG however is more of a Project file save it as a PNG and keep as it is, but if you are going to do anything HD? PNG is probably the way to go.

Video files

There is actually a huge selection of extensions for different files that handles Video compression and so forth. Some may lack in certain features and just provides basic tools, others may be custom created for certain programs and even "hacker stuff" just what heard... But time goes on and so does the technology, and here is the most prominent list of the most popular files as of date.

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