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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: August, 2013 20:00 Back Next

Editorial - Video quality

Quality Check

During these last months i have working hard to try to improve everything from picture, sound, color and aspect on every video added on It's a slow process. But i'm certain some older videos might have a boost in quality from it. These updates to the library of videos on will roll out in phases during fall this year and very early this year.

HD and going forward

I will try and be as persistant as possible when it comes to HD when it comes to the future of my site! And i hope by doing that my overall quality will skyrocket and not go down a spiral like before.

Ideal - supersteal.

Same thing will of course not hold water for uploaders, because not everyone has a PC that can handle HD in the first place. And second to be able to record any gameplay footage in HD you need some pretty expensive stuff. I will not try and apply on any uploaded material.

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