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Sonic will he survive?

Segas Jewel.

When you hear the name Sonic you instantly think blue fast hedgehog and radical soundtrack right? And that never changed going into 3D. Until Sonic Adventure 2, while many will disagree with me on this, you can't really blame them, being a devoted Dreamcast loyalist chatting with others on Dream Arena about how clunky Sonic Adventure 2 was, that was pretty much the extent of how far you went back then. What's really interesting though is not how Sega made Sonic Adventure 2 worse then it's predecessor.

Sonic Adventure 2 is actually a decent game for new players that have never ever played Sonic Adventure. But unlike Sonic Adventure the sequel never improved the formula of the Sonic series, however the bad design choices back then may not reflect the team at Sega today. Sonic Adventure 2 were also a celebration for Sonic's 10th birthday.

Sonic who and Eggman what?.

Deriving from Sega's misfortune early retirement with the Dreamcast that Microsoft Xbox soon replaced, was game ports for the most popular Dreamcast games. Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and Shenmue 2 was only a few of them. Almost every port has had some overhaul "Change" But Sega made it very clear with Sonic Adventure 1 - 2 by naming the 1st Directors cut and 2nd Battle and redesigning the box art.

Sonic went through a de phase on the 128 console era, Sonic heroes and Sonic Riders two low selling profile game. After that Sega quickly announced Sonic Next gen debut. It would feature mechs and new next gen graphics. Well that's actually pretty much it, Sonic 06 rolled in one year later and got quickly buried by review sites citing it as worst "Sonic game ever made" but is it true? Sonic 06 had the exact problem as Sonic Adventure, if you don't play it the right way you end up dead! The difference this time around was the game had no charm. Which in turn gave you no reason to continue. That's not entirely true, Sonic 06 was the first Sonic game after all spin offs that attempted a Story with CG-Cut scenes. Whether it succeeded or not is debatable.

Guess which game?.

Part of history is to remember it and keep it safe, be nostalgic over it if you want. Sega have been riding that train since Sonic 1. Sonic the character will never grow beyond something that also appeals strictly for kids, but a better question is, would we want him to?
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