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E3 2012

The best of the show?

E3... it's like christmas for every gamer, publisher and developers all gather at one of the biggest event their is in the world of gaming. The big three all had conferences like past years, showing upcoming games and the future of the hardware they brought to us.

Still there was but only one big show this whole event, Nintendo. They would unveil the Nintendo Wii U. Nintendo's Next generation console would we see a new Zelda perhaps? Or maybe a new Mario or Metroid game in HD? Read on and i'll let you know.

Microsoft vs Sony.

Microsoft had a stellar line up once again this year, with games like Halo 4, Gears of War Judgment, Forza Horizon and Fable the journey. Sony had a similar steady line up, The last of us, God of War Ascension and Playstation all-stars battle royale. Both Microsoft and Sony had new innovated ways to play this year aswell.

Sony had a new peripheral slash game named wonderbook, it was certainly not working as intended on stage. Very little information has been shared about the product so far. Microsoft on the other hand took a stab at Nintendo, and introduced Xbox Smartglass. With Xbox Smartglass you will be able to have interactive content on your Smartphone or Tablet that interfaces with your game or Movie. Essentially it behaves like the Wii U controller but for Xbox and with a Smartphone or Tablet...

Both Microsoft and Sony made a Professional impression on their press conference
Microsoft as usual showed off by inviting a bunch of celebrities, and in Sony's case well they did nothing that stood out. It was actually painfully obvious from both companies that this was probably the last E3 before they blow the lid off Project Durango "Xbox 720" and Orbis "Playstation 4"

Nintendo Wii U.

If there was one company that could blow the hats of everyone at this years E3, it was Nintendo. So what did they show at E3? Nintendo proudly announced Pikmin 3 but you may still want to hang on to those nunchuks and that wiimote because apparently the game use it! Moving on... There was a fairly decent looking new Zombie game named Zombie U. Oh and Batman Arkham City is back, this time it will be more awesome you know? In Batman Arkham City Armored Edition for Wii U you will be able to control Batman's Batarang using the controller and the inventory and item selection fits on the Wii U controllers screen.

Rayman also made an appearance in Rayman Legends, those familiar with Rayman Origins can at least get a fairly good taste of what it is. But Nintendo wasn't only showing games, apparently they will have services like Amazon instant video, Netflix and Youtube. Their online structuring is still something of a mystery, No price was announced and date was set for Nindendos next console. But at least we got NintendoLand!
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