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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Mar 21, 2009 15:33 Back Next Vivid Vision

The Vision is here!

So it's finally here... My new and revamped layout for Over 6 months of work late nights and hours upon hours of mind boggling it's finished, this is my vision how i want my website to look like from my experience. In the end what you see before you is my best attempt at creating a full fledge, content rich website that also expand on something that was and is great lets begin...

First thing you will notice is the new layout, Coded in XHTML and CSS it's now compatible with most browser out on the web! It has a slick steel look to it and gives easy navigation from both a handy drop down menu on the left and quick access links from all of the pages. The web site have also lost some weight since the old layout so it's a tidbit smaller.

So overall the website have changed some and i will talk about the changes. But first i would like to thank myself for being so damn stubborn! And my teacher who taught me the meaning of CSS and much more, Thank you! And of course my dear friend that gave me and my site new life day after day without her i wouldn't be where i' am today Thank you! and to all my friends over on Xbox live i lovc you guys! and all the other supporters as well!

Ok the video page that i actually updated just last year have gone through another transformation! This time you will be able to see your Bio and video information more about that will be on the site when it's available. I have also turned up the quality, and that goes for every music video. You may now enjoy from 340-560kbps to 1Mbps this makes for better sound and image quality. And you may even download music videos right from the page now as well!

Added pages and new content.

I have added some pages this time, Video lounge, this page will serve as an one stop music video page. The difference with this one from my regular is that i use Flash and it has no limit on quality. However there is a catch! This page serves as a "Top Ten" best of music video list. So it's up to the community to vote for ten candidates this will all be explained in more detail on Forum. Other pages includes my news page this news page covers everything from Games and Anime, but there is a catch here as well. I will only submit Web site news so if you want to share any news you may go through by uploading it.

Trailers have been renamed and is now a dedicated page for games and montage related videos, Added Events.
Music videos have now a dedicated page, Added Music video of the month

Help section, i have added a help section for everyone that felt intimidated by uploading on my web site. Several question have been added as well as General about the site.
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