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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: Mar 21, 2009 15:33 Back Next

New content and content left behind!

As you may understand by now there was allot of changes and the first question that always comes to mind when something makes a transition like this is of course content. Some things may be on hold right now, here is a list of what did make and what did not!

Alright here comes a list of what has been removed from the site!

Removed items...

This is not available anymore...

There is also some alternative downloads but they haven't been up for awhile so i will just skip them. There may be a slight chance of some of these will be up on the site sometime in the future!

Every bit of this content was taken down because of decline in either viewing or downloading, but don't let that discourage you, is not rejecting any specific category of Anime or Game.

Community Features have always had the community in mind see example, Custom made Forum and Upload your Fan - Art and Music videos. Now takes a step further! Anyone may now enjoy amazing quality music and gameplay videos on and even download them! The upload limit has been boosted to the MAX! You may now upload a file as large as 200MB, Video Lounge with Top ten and Custom Chat for users that sign up. Video Achievement for all videos uploaded on

What does all these changes mean exactly? Well simply put will be more accessible then ever, and it will give everyone the opportunity that it gave before but in a better way! And it will rely more heavily on you taking care of it "The community" The Community share the same goal! And as you progress so will
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