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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: October 15, 2009 16:00 Back Next

October Newsletter

New releases and site announcements

Welcome back for a new month and Newsletter on, what's hot around the gaming world and Anime read it here and now. Starting with this years TGS 2009 Microsoft had a slew of mixed games on the show floor. They showed brand new footage of N3 2 which looks promising, they even had a pretty nice setup with Forza 3 running 3 LCD screens. But Microsoft really spouted the new and upcoming peripheral for the Xbox 360 named Natal, Microsoft named several big names that support Natal. You may even see some of the leading producers within the gaming industries giving their opinion on Natal.

On the other side but not to unfamiliar, Inuyasha our favorite Half-Demon. The series continuation is finally up and running at and for every US citizen for everyone else though you may pre-order the box-set and set for notification when it arrives on store shelves!

On another note i will update my Video page in a near future more on that when i have made some progress! And finally i have some new content on the way Music videos will arrive at door steps, i have yet to announce any date but stay tuned for that! And yet another Monthly update over, on the horizon we can barely see the upcoming Fall update for the Website and some surprises maybe? Well let's not rush into things! See you all next month!
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