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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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April Newsletter

Everyone gather around! So have you enjoyed the new fresh look for the release last month went really well actually. nothing major. there were a few pages that was miscode and left out a couple of sad faces sorry about that... Other wise i'm happy to announce that the new layout is a major hit and the estimated bandwidth used the last 10 days of march were over 4.5GB! But just to be clear if you do see anything that seems broken for you, pages, videos, or even the forum don't hesitate to contact me ok?

First i want to talk about some things going around on my web site right now that might seem weird like hey what's up with that! Kinda... So right now i have a couple of links offline, This is because the pages isn't done yet, they will however be up when i feel that they are ready. Some other things you may have noticed are video reviews and video achievements? These features will be up on a later date. Ok some times my web site ask you to check the forum for more information and/or the support page, and some information are missing? Well this is because i haven't had the time to write it down yet, i will make sure it's all up and ready for you soon. If you have more questions about this just send me an email!

Great so have you read up what's new and all with the new blueglue.usV2? If not you could still do so by going here ( Vivid Vision) Now during April and forward i will be working on several updates on my web site. One of the bigger things is actually a little re-coding mostly within the CSS: I will fix the positioned setting i have right now and make sure my site is more compatible with lower resolutions. more about this in my next update...

You may have noticed some banners like this showing below? Yeah so... This is a way for me to communicate to you that, hey check this out Bleach music videos or Inuyasha music videos! I work on an update that should be ready in the coming weeks... More on this coming soon!

Last and third in my line of updates for my web site soon ready to deploy! (On-page pop-up Information), and just as the name implies when you hover over an object it will pop-up a white bubble with text base information about it, simple. This is it for this month bye!
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