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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: June 15, 2009 19:00 Back Next

June Newsletter

Summer is here woohoo! Its something special about this summer, maybe it's just because i recently bought myself a 23" Flat screen for my PC Full HD and oh boy... I need to raise the bar with the image quality seriously what have i been thinking all this time! Someone please slap me ok!

So back to reality, i've had tons of work on my shoulders but haven't been able to do anything due to some personal inconvenience but i'm set and ready now. As you maybe saw on my forum, i made some threads updating in small bits what's up and what's not? Anyway one of the things were E3 and i promise to have the Video up for anyone interested. This month i will lean more towards working with my Video pages and Upload page, i know you are unable to upload any information together with your fan - made content, but that will change so all the experienced video music makers is invited....

I estimate i will have my Upload pages done soon...


As you may remember i' am working on an all around Blueglue.usV2 that is centered not positioned. It's a problem when it's positioned like this for one smaller resolution like 1024x768 cant view the site optimal and need to scroll horizontal, and if you use Full HD res 1920x1080 it actually position my web site on the right of the screen and it looks like you have a 2 vertical Split screen, Yeah it's not really a problem such as 1024x768 where some of the site doesn't show. But it isn't optimal and hence must be fixed!

In other news i will have a pretty huge number of Video content coming soon! In-Game Footage from me and my buddies playing Halo 3. Lost Vikings will get a significant number of videos that is, so have fun with that when i release that!

Otherwise there isn't much more to say i need to set ground and really get it together before i can get serious with the major features and such. But until then i hope you will...

Until next time!
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