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July & Aug Newsletter

Welcome back for a two month special edition of what's up and what's not and that's Newsletter for you slow pokes. Let start with this week fun jolly goodie stuff! First off you probably already know this maybe not? anyway! Inuyasha have finally got a green lit for producing the rest of the manga into Anime. And Viz as expected have already jumped the bandwagon so we will see it state side but when is still unconfirmed. Still for everyone that have waited and not read the manga like me, this is great news! moving on...

Microsoft Is coming out with a pretty cool new update Aug 11. This update will include a Avatar marketplace where you can get avatars props and Fan cloth from games, you will also be able to earn avatar items through games now and the first game to have this is Splosion man! Other than that you will be able to rate every piece of content on live with a 5 star system, Check out the video for more information.

Continuing i have been working hard to get every part of the site working as it should and i will soon update my current web code, this will make some important changes. First off i have change the layout form static to fluid so more resolutions should be compatible, second i have decided that the dedicated Dreamcast page will be re-invented and get a name change but that is still undecided. And lastly you may remember something about some Halo videos if you read junes update article. Well they were obviously delayed and i apologize for that but i will have them up before end of this month!

This is all folks but keep checking back for more updates and information!!
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