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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: February 14, 2010 00:30 Back Next

February Newsletter

New content up this month, and an angry nerd coming our way very soon!

This month has been hectic as usually, saving the galaxy and going through hell with a 200 hit combo... Yeah it's nothing to brag about i know...

And for you that actually is living under a rock? Bioware have released Mass Effect 2 and it is amazing! Dante's Inferno another game released just awhile ago from Visceral Games, will satisfy any hack and slash fan. That's some hot gaming tips right for ya!

I have several plans to overhaul my site, but i think i will skip the whole update part this time. Instead you will be notified when it is up, and later on in the newsletters! unfortunately i can not unveil any of the things i plan on doing sinse i'm still on the drawing board...

Content wise, i have two amazing music videos this month! One previously seen on "Music video of the month" And the other brings a whole new genre to And there are some Mojo world pictures in the works as well, cant say if they will be up this february or in march... But keep an eye out if you are looking for a new background.

And for the finishing blow! will be adding the Angry Video Game Nerd! And if you don't know who that is? Head for this place!

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