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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: May 14, 2010 21:00 Back Next Turns 5!!!

One word... Epic!

So it has already gone five years, incredible really! When i started my website i just wanted to share some cool stuff! Like a blogger but more awesome of course. But of course as you read this you probably understand that something went very wrong, i mean horribly wrong! The experiment failed and what became of the beast... Well i'll be happy to tell you.

It turned into a butterfly! yes... Seriously though all this time i have been working on my website, have been a blast! coming up with new ideas and designs for different areas around the site. And i have learned so much. and not only have i learned new things, i can be proud to say to anyone that i created from ground up - go me!

And in the future, and when i say future i mean 20XX as we all know it right? I will try and not rely so heavily on user based material. Sinse it's obvious people wants first party and even third party stuff... For those new to the site, sinse day one of i was determined to have some sort of upload feature for both picture and video. But you know some times the current standards catches on and safe to say, drive right past you if you not ready for it.

As far as material and new features to the sites go, have no such things. The only thing that actually exist is the crazy guy behind the wheel "That's me" he he. and i have so much i still want to do with the site to make it perfect! But i feel like i reached a point of my own limitation. Nevertheless i'm certain i will have allot of vivid visions to share with you.

But to celebrate this occasion i have made a trip back the memory lane, and revisited all the different shapes and sizes my video page have had sinse 2005. And not only that! I have also taken the sweet time to make two Top 5 videos from
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