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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: June 17, 2010 15:25 Back Next

June Newsletter, Gamers month E3! And Angry Video Game Nerd.

E3 have almost come and gone.

This week was huge for most gamers, including myself and that's because Electronic Entertainment Expo have had gamers around the world glued to their chairs, to hear all the latest news and games for the latest products out - ever heard of Kinect before? Well don't be surprised if you haven't it's Microsoft's new Xbox 360 peripheral that have voice recognition and can sense you whole body, it can recognize your face and more.

The games shown this year were impressive even though there were some games missing, Starting with Gears of War 3, witch looked amazing! You can now kick over enemies behind cover and then grab them and stuck a grenade in them - push them towards another bad guy and see bits fly! You also got a glimpse of the new type of enemies and after seeing them in action and have played Gears 2? I can honestly say i'm looking forward to see the bosses in Gears 3

Halo Reach which looks like it can be the biggest and best Halo game so far, Impressed with a superior graphic overhaul in the campaign and the epic battle that took place in the distance, provided the grand scale and feel that Halo is so famous for, the big surprise came in the end when all four spartans that were playing jumped into a spaceship and just after the sequence of jumping from the Planet started a DOGFIGHT in the Space!

Leaving E3, I have uploaded and Added AVGN on the Site as i'm a fan of his work but i have added a precaution for everyone not familiar with AVGN. Enjoy!

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