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Aug/September Newsletter

Edge of the Screen and what is Matrix?

Welcome back! Are you having fun with Halo Reach? The newest installment in the Halo series from bungie, i know i' am. I hope you have as much fun visiting my site even if it doesn't offer half the content!

Joking aside. There is allot going on right now, i cant go into details but i'm on my way back soon i think. I just need to create a long list of all the stuff i was suppose to do a while back! You probably read the site news on the main page right? Anyway these last couple of month may have been pretty spineless when it comes to expanding the site.

But of course as you have seen there have been some new amazing music videos up and running! Thank you, to all my friends on youtube and everybody else contributing, would not be the great site it is today without you!

If you are interested in what is going to change in the near future, and have suggestions? Email me or sign up on my forum and discuss!
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