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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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October Newsletter

Kinect is here!

Well not really here yet, but it's only a week away right? And as i may or may not have mentioned earlier Kinect boost a hefty 500million price tag in marketing! So if you never heard of the device by the end of this year, you should probably stay inside more...

Site news this months: BAD NEWS! As you read last month i think, a couple of clan videos were supposed to be up on my site, but that's not all my new page The Vault has not been seen any attention due to lackluster work on other parts on

A working site before the content starts rolling in, and i have not even started working on my Upload page which are in a mess right now.

Here comes some Good News! I have created a News archive for my Newsletter if you truly want to go back in time! And i have changed a big part of my sites cursive fonts, which in turn will make it very easy to read.

By the end of this month i will upload a new episode of AVGN, and the clan videos that i forgot last month. Cheers!
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