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Nov/Dec Newsletter

Happy Holidays!

My last entry this year, but first here are some great christmas presents that gave us thrills down the spine this year. First we had Mass Effect 2 this epic grand space saga is probably one of the best game ever made! And Alan Wake, this instant classic in the "horror genre" story plot was but excellent crafted, and made for some horrific hours. And last Halo Reach, the last Halo game made by Bungie don't quite - outshine the Halo trilogy but makes for a hard impact and busy to earn achievements!

Now i would like to recommend so many more games, but then i could probably write down this whole article about it, i have to stick with site tendency. Yeah about the site, you may have noticed it has been down quite a lot and it seems awfully hard to connect to it? There is a very simple explanation to all this. The site should work as it should when you read this.

Your gift this christmas!

From me to you, for all the great support i have had this year i definitely think you deserve it, and the site itself deserve it for having all this amazing talent in one place! What am i talking about? Are you saying you haven't noticed? Dedicated servers baby!

With now on its own server you may stream and have as much fun as you want! Next year i will look over some crucial elements, like Upload's and Adding content on page. As well as some Flash that might be handy. More about this in January or February.

Have a Merry christmas and a happy new year!
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