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February Newsletter

Devoid Talent

Welcome back to my first newsletter 2011. Let's get our hands dirty, first with some progress of the site updating! Starting, my chat window witch resides on few of my pages not including the way to activate the chat through the video page. will be replaced with a more useful tool. And i have "finally" updated my clan page with our current Super-Soldiers from planet Reach. I also earlier this week fixed and went through all video content with AVGN on and repaired some videos that didn't work...

Party like it's 1999?

If there's one subject that i always tend to forget in these newsletters. That's gaming and this month we will see some truly amazing releases. On the horizon we have what many people call the Ultimate fighting game! Marvel vs Capcom 3 will hopefully live over all expectations, For europeans only we have the loli side scrolling 2D shooter from famous japanese developer Cave one word on this one "Bullet hell". If your pixelated little heart craves for more?

Epic said's hello!

At Epic studios Cliff Blezinski isn't joking around when it comes to have fun while dismembering your foe. Be it Chainsaw or Laser Whip Bulletstorm is on it's way to stores and if you get it on 360 pre-ordered you will get a chance to participate in Gears of War 3 Beta with some nice bonuses. And if you are a Gears fan like me you may want to pre-order Gears of War 3 Limited Edition before they run out of stock.

Site wise i have some very neat ideas, and you will most likely see it before i announce it. Anyway content as you read on the front page i have two of the latest AVGN episodes coming up! And they will be on the site very soon... Other then that keep a look out on the new upcoming content tab!
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