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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: May 28, 2011 18:34 Back Next

May Newsletter

Electronic Entertainment Expo

Soon, very soon brothers... No just kidding! Besides the Brotherhood part which actually reminds me that i need to buy Assassin Creed Brotherhood yeah... Anyway so very soon E3 or Electronic Entertainment Expo starts, gathering all the new and never before seen titles to play on our favorite consoles, not to forget PC as well. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo each has their conferences that will highlight every major upcoming software, partnerships and new hardware.

What games got me excited

First party titles aside for just one moment, I'm stoked to hear more about Mass Effect 3, I know Bioware makes fantastic and deep RPG's and Mass Effect 2 was an amazing experience. Bethesda is a true juggernaut in the RPG genre with latest Fallout, but their upcoming title namely Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim looks great, i will be honest with you going from Morrowind to Oblivion was a little let down due to some lackluster on the Magic front, spells/Potions and so forth but still i looking forward to see the game. Sonic Generations from Sega will almost certainly make an appearance for some platform, i'm not one of those remarkable fans that made this happen, but in the end i hope it was worth it.

Capcom recently announced Dragons Dogma whether it's an online co-op adventure game or offline is more or less unknown but it looks very good. Another Capcom game i'm ready to give a shot before turning down is Devil May Cry 5, hopefully it will turn up on E3 in one form or the other. Dice the Swedish crew up in Stockholm is hard at work on Battlefield 3 the new Frostbite engine make the game look gorgeous, i expect the graphics to be on par and above with Crysis 2.

First party titles is no shortages off either, with Gears of War 3, Forza Motorsport 4, Project Draco and Kingdoms is just a slew of games i'm looking forward too!

Nintendo Project Cafe

Nintendo started this generation with a very risky and what seemed like a gimmick at the time, Motion controls. This have however drawn more none player users then any other manufacturer ever done before. Motion controls paired with Nintendos Legendary library of games like Mario and Zelda how could it fail? Now it's successor is just beyond our reach, and will be presented at E3. Nintendo has confirmed that it will work harder on it's online platform and software lineup, no more numeric friend codes i take it? In any case more information will be shared on the E3 floor... Starting June 6

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