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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: June 8, 2011 22:18 Back Next

June Newsletter

Microsoft Media Briefing.

Started out with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, looks pretty slick. I'm not a COD fan but the graphics was impressive. Microsoft continued to roll out it's core line-up for the holiday and early 2012, Mass Effect 3 now with kinect support? Give your team mates commands is pretty cool i guess, just seeing Mass Effect made me smile though. Game designer Cliff bleszinski made an appearance together with star Ice-T. And both together unveiled a section from Gears of War campaign, which was great! Turn 10 also made an appearance and showed off their latest Car-sim Forza Motorsport 4 and it looks incredible. Microsoft them self had a few announcement as well, apparently they have been working with around 60 different partners around the globe, for Live TV via IPTV. and not only can you stream Netflix, Zune and Hulu Microsoft announced they will add Youtube and Bing search as well! Bing search is apparently a great deal for them as consumers finds it harder and harder to find that particular game on Xbox live Marketplace. A search function will help sort it out.

Halo CE Anniversary

As an old Halo fanatic i'm totally psyched for this and happy it will happen, and OMG Achievements! But seriously it will be so fun playing through Halo CE again with my friends and playing it online on some of my favorite maps, all though i think i reserve my best multi player maps for Halo 2...

Halo 4

Microsoft ended it's Press conference/Media Briefing with one of the gaming biggest icons Master Chief, they announced a new trilogy which means we will see not only Halo 4 but also 5 and 6! The teaser showed Cortana awakening our Hero from deep sleep and find himself thrusting towards what seems like a forerunner structure. And that ends my Microsoft E3 2011 impression i give it 7.5/10

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