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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: September 11, 2011 19:58 Back Next

Aug/Sep Newsletter

Never ending story anyone?

Time for this months newsletter! Penny Arcade Expo "PAX" was in full motion just some time ago and with it, it brought costumes, gamers and Halo fest! If you missed it live on then well spoiler alert i guess. The Halo 4 panel revealed that Master chiefs next game will focus more on him personally, one person in the audience asked the question if Master Chief would be more chatty then in previous installments. They didn't confirm that besides holding on to that he will still retain his one liners. Another question asked was, will Cortana play a big role in Halo 4 as in "is it going on anything" between Master Chief and Cortana story wise the panel could only tease the audience and remind everyone that Halo 4 will be out sometimes late 2012.

You can still view most of the panels at here. as you knew it... have always been about three things Community, Content and High Quality. And i believe with as it stands today i have proven that i can give it. And that for me is the most important part, But... Besides building new pages, It's important to connect the whole site with everything that you do and add, this is something i hope you as a visitor can see today. How i connect the dots to make it easy for you to navigate around my site.

I have yet to figure out the right way to approach my expansion without design flaws, same goes for my latest update for my video page.

Partnership Blueglue style!

If you make reviews, previews well anything actually, that's within the frame of this is something people enjoy and really like then why not sign up.

As a partner you will be hosting your videos/pod cast/images on my Websites dedicated servers, and if you have a website and sign up, you will get to upload two banners that will be allocated on the site for promotion of your site. I will have more info on the website soon, or you could email me for information.
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