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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: October 31, 2011 16:26 Back Next

October Newsletter

Sonic, Halo and Dragons?

Welcome back for a very late and chilly newsletter, it's one day before the american release of Sonic Generations and the game has been given some positive reviews. It's Sonic's 20th anniversary and therefore a collector's edition to celebrate for europeans the 4th november. Now on my starting page i have a whole intro for Sonic Generations so i don't have to explain that game really. But one game that is in similar vein as Segas Mascots, is Halo Anniversary. Master Chiefs first adventure re-made with prettier graphics, better sound and i believe online co-op. They have even included new cinematic terminals!

So allot of love for Gamers that still likes to play yesterdays games, but hold on! Bethesda Juggernaut is going berserk this same month. The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim, The snowy home of the Nords and Dragons - There is a few leaks here and there but i wont spoil anything, this is not a remake of some older game. But every Elder Scrolls game have successfully been the same game while still being able to refine mechanics and lore. Skyrim newest aspects is Dragons and Dragon shouts, lucky for you as the player you were a Dragon born only a Dragon born can perform the magic shouts.

So there you have three games coming out this month.

Quality Time!

I will try my hardest to get any of three projected pages up before this year ends, and maybe just maybe i can slip an update for my video page within the time. I have a bunch of content coming up before the holiday as well, but more about that as we close this year.

I'm currently working very hard to make some SEO as we progress towards the new year, and Google, Bing will hopefully pick up more of my site and rank my site higher. this effect should carry high significant for people that have previously uploaded videos on as well.


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