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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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Nov/Dec Newsletter

One slow month.

This months paired newsletter is covering some behind the scenes work, upcoming content and celebrating Angry Video Game Nerd!

First of every nerd fan who hasn't seen his big announcement, The fictional gamer starred by James Rolfe has been taking donations and it seems everything worked out great! The donations were for his movie project and a new fancy camera, as he mentions in this thank you note. I wish James Rolfe all the best of luck with his Movie. And i will add some AVGN episodes later this december to this occasion.

If you have been up to date with my site you know some-things just have not been moving... AT ALL! So in context i will share some of what i have worked on and maybe just maybe you can forgive me.

Site Overlord Supremacy!

With the internet evolving day by day, you must outsmart the future ahead of you. As such i have announced a page for partners to sign up, this will nurture web sites with similar content and hopefully a stream of new features. On top of that lay a foundation of social interaction. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube will serve as forefront advertisement for Add to that a new shell for site community and compatible video stream through android devices. Of course the site will make a facelift with easier too chew backgrounds and more streamlined appearance. Along the way a new section for news, gaming, tech, will be live on the site and moving into the future.

This is of course just a small piece of my plan to evolve into a buzz ling web site.
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