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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: March, 2012 21:30 Back Next

March Newsletter

The end is coming...

Literally the end has come for a number of things i enjoy. Mass Effect saw the third and final chapter with commander Shepard. Mass Effect 4 just wont be same without Shepard! And the super crazy and hilarious anime Beelzebub ended this weekend as well, just 60 episodes strong. The characters in this show was suffering from shallowness and repetition. But at the same time had some intriguing plot, and main characters.

While Effectively both Mass Effect 3 and Beelzebub got massive critic from fans that they didn't uphold their true potential, Both sides have enjoyed tributes from fans and will likely show up again in some other form than text on sheet.

Delayed... Delayed... Delayed...

Working on a new site update means you have to take everything into consideration that you didn't before, cleaning out old and unused HTML, CSS code is a start. It will make my site quicker and i have a chance to sample everything in order. The site design is not delayed, but their is a slight chance it might be. My new disqus add on for comments is giving me a headache, that's why i'm not taking any chances.

I have a few new services that will be up and running on as soon as my update arrives. More about them in the coming months...
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