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The latest, update Vivid Vision 2.5 is up and brings a host of improvements to the site, but if you still find you self struck with some trouble dont hesitate to visit my help page.

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Aug/Sep Newsletter

Welcome back!

Welcome back for yet another newsletter. As you know i have my new website update to to work on and it's just behind the corner now, so this month i don't have any major announcements. But i will try and make this informative and interesting.

So close, yet so far...

My work on have more or less got to the point where i constantly have to ask myself, what's missing from this page or could i make this surfing experience more enjoyable somehow. It's pretty nasty and it really takes a whole lot of battery life... At the same time i learn some really valuable things, and the design elements within my site makes more sense each time i revisit a page.

And yes the question i certainly would love to answer but can't. How much time is left before i'm done, but i will try and have an answer on that by the end on next month.

And here you go, some screen shots teasers. Yes i will have Minecraft among many - many other games on my site soon. So when i'm not working on my site i'm actually recording material for my site. And oh boy i have a lot of editing to be done... But it's fun, i actually only wish i had my Intensity pro card 10 years ago and start record all my crazy stuff i've done through the years, something's you just can replicate no matter how many times you try...

Some bad news... Maybe...

I will probably roll out videos slowly as my new update have been released. But there is a slight and horrible risk that it can take up to a few month before i will be able to upload anything. I can't specify the reason but i will notify everyone at least a month ahead of the release date of my upcoming update..
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