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P1 By Jonas Cederlund: February, 2013 11:49 Back Next

February Newsletter

This is not a dream, it's really me typing this so brace yourself...

First off, i guess it was last august i wrote a newsletter. Time sure go fast huh? Anyway ... I have been working all this time on my site update and trust me when i say this, it wont go up until everything is done. Here is the thing though i kinda had set-plan to reveal it on march 21st. But if some pages is not ready or content is still missing from my servers... Anyhow i will keep at it and hopefully the time schedule isn't broken.

Playstation 4 and New Xbox in April?

The Playstation meeting didn't escape any gamers eyes did it? With games like Killzone 4 or whatever it was called, and they showed a pretty cool game from Capcom looked kinda like an old skool dungeon crawler. And i have to give props to Sony to thinking out such genius ideas like remote play where some of your friends can come and assist you, be that they take controll or just drop in items for you.

And what about the new Xbox, well so far it's all speculation. Microsoft have registrated a domain for an event but didn't want to comment when gaming website asked about it. So we will see...

Reminders deal!

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