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Oct Newsletter

Creation and Depletion

Another month goes by like the wind, and i know this newsletter is just a tinsybit late. Well it's up now so i'm forgiven hopefully.

Xbox One Month Away.

Microsoft may have had a rough start when they introduced Xbox One, but they have more or less recovered with the amazing line-up of game and the connectivity promises Xbox One is promising. It's no surprise people are still excited for the XOne. Microsoft have toured across america to show of most of their first party line up before the release, a few European countries will also get their hands on the console before hand.

New Content.

Have you checked the latest content from yet? There is a new Alan Wake music video, and some retro playthroughs with more gaming content on the music front. And even more coming next month! Of course if you have any games you would like to see or music you would like to hear, just contact me on twitter or Google+

Ads or no Ads?

I have several projects ongoing, one of them is testing the waters if adding ads is really worth the work it will take to add the code to all the pages, users today, especially younger internet users are always looking for a way to avoid advertisement, with programs and other methods. I need to do more research before i fully implement it on the website.

To cold to work?

I will be totally frank, im a cold dude, i cant think if my apartment is not regulated with proper warmth. I just feel like sitting under a blanket and drink hot chocolate. It's sounds like i'm whining and probably because i'am and there are probably people far worse then me. And i'm sorry, this is why.. sometimes things get's delayed like this. Especially on cold months.

See you next month!
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