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P3 By Jonas Cederlund: April 12, 2012 23:24 Back Next

Sonic will he survive?

Resurrection, perhaps?

After the turbulent fiasco named Sonic Unleashed. Facing Sonic against such evil and twisted odds such as "QTE" Quick Time Event and a platforming werehog that even made Mario cry. Sega kept turning that nostalgia wheel around, around and around.

How many people honestly hinted at the mesetas and the spawning enemies that looked slightly like those in Phantasy star online "RUINS". As i touched on earlier in this segment nostalgia is not a bad thing for Sonic or Sega, but becomes bad if your game solely depends on it. Like Sonic Generation... This Sonic game was tailor made for fans from all ages, and not only that, it was Sonic's 20th celebration! Congrats SONIC!!!

Sonic The Hedgehog.

Sega's mascot, fans all over the world adore this character and his friends and Sega knows this, they see the sales numbers. But why are the fan base so divided? You can speculate all you want, maybe Sonic 06 was made with a greater intent and become something bigger like a series. But an even bigger question is did the Hedgehog engine work and deliver?

Sonic Unleashed proved that when you play as Sonic in that particular game, it's fun!? But in all fairness could they not have just made a new game right from where Sonic 06 left off? With the same gameplay and just fixed the glitches?

The Perfect Hedgehog!

The perfect Sonic game would be burning with passion of hard labor, as the menu is about pop-up a really cool intro showing Sonic speeding through a terra wasteland, and on some hill with pretty waterfalls. It all blends with J-rock that you just wanna rooooock n roll! The small glimpse of Sonic and his friends is enough bring a tear to the eye, Press Start!

Actually, it's not that simple, i believe it was 343 studios mentioning it. How hard it was developing the Halo brand because of that "Halo feeling" The legacy... And that makes you wonder if Sega is truly that committed to Sonic the Hedgehog. Sure Sega keep hitting that sweet spot when it comes to sound and sound effects but what about story, characters and gameplay? Is Sonic the hedgehog the same cool blue dude as he was back in 1991, Is playing Sonic Unleashed/Generation the same as playing Sonic 1-2-3/Adventure, probably not. But one thing is for sure, Sonic The Hedgehog will never die, as long as they keep making games. And fans keeps on buying them.
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